Adaptive Resource Synchronization In Hierarchical Real-Time Systems

Tom Springer and Steffen Peter and Tony Givargis
ACM SIGBED Review, vol. 11, num. 4, 2014

In this paper we outline the Adaptive Resource Allocation
Protocol (ARAP) as an improved resource synchronization
algorithm for hierarchically scheduled real-time systems. ARAP
exploits knowledge about task utilization, using a proportional-
integral-derivative (PID) controller, to estimate required resource
bandwidth and improve scheduling decisions. Our analysis and
experiments with RTSIM show that ARAP provides better
temporal isolation and resource utilization during periods of
transient overload compared to state-of-the-art resource
synchronization algorithms. Implemented as part of VxWorks, the
results are confirmed using an avionic system, for which ARAP
substantially reduced the number of hard real-time deadline

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